Location Marketing for Local Businesses

Can Customers Find You?

With location marketing plans starting at just $149.00 per year, we make sure they can.

Put The Same Information Everywhere.

Consistency is critical to branding, and the same holds for online marketing. Keep your image the same across all channels customers can find you.


About Us


Our team members have designed marketing for some of the world’s largest brands, including Pharmacia, Bayer, Microsoft, General Motors, Ford, Chevrolet, and Allergan.

Michael McPherson - LOCALSYNC

Michael McPherson


Michele Morrison - LOCALSYNC

Michele Morrison


Sandy Pennino - Operations - LOCALSYNC

Sandy Pennino




What We Do

Location Marketing

Professional Directories

Mobile Marketing Pages

LOCALSYNC Location Marketing

How it Helps

Market you Accounting Practice with Professional Directories like CPADEX - CPA Brander


Can Your Clients Find You?

Control and lock all of your business listing data.

There are no more wrong telephone numbers, wrong business hours, addresses, or incorrect business information.

Mobile Marketing Pages for Accountants - CPA Brander

Professional Directories

Geo-Target Potential Clients.

If potential clients search for a professional on their mobile devices – Google will show them the professional NEAR them.

Don’t miss out on marketing to clients searching on their phones NEAR your location.

Synchronize Your Accounting Firm's Location with CPA Brander

Mobile Marketing Pages

Links are Great for SEO.

Mobile link pages that your customers can use are even better. Create targeted landing pages for customers with all your information in one place.

Simply the quickest and easiest way to get online.