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Information Management

Synchronize and lock your company information across 60+ local directories.

Local Marketing

Brand consistently and synchronize your digital brand with your physical location.

Website Development

Build a locally focused website that drives more business to your physical location.

Connecting Local Business with Local Customers

Your customers are always searching.

Can they find you?

They are looking for the nearest Greek restaurant in Charleston, the best small business accountant in Fort Lauderdale, or the closest ear doctor to their home in Albuquerque.

Is your company information correct? Use our free scan tool to check your company's online information.

One Stop for Everything Online

Domain Registration

Register a new domain for your company with LOCALSYNC!

Web Hosting

Hosting for your local business website that is fast and secure.

Business Email

Enterprise-grade business email for your company.

Managed WordPress

We love WordPress! Special hosting designed for WordPress.

SSL Certificates

Lock down your website with HTTPS and the strongest encryption possible.

Website Builder

Don't like WordPress and want to DIY? Use our easy HTML website builder!

Business is Going Digital.

(Actually, it's already there.)

Marketing a small business online and trying to synchronize your “brick and mortar” location with your digital business can be complex.

Getting your local business online and reaching the right local customers has a lot of moving parts. You need a domain name, hosting, a website, social media accounts, email accounts, directory listings, online marketing, and optimization. There is ongoing maintenance for the website, tracking your marketing efforts, and making the most of your online investment in your business.

LOCALSYNC takes the complexity out of going digital. We have everything you need to market your small business online. We synchronize your local business online and optimize it for local customers searching for your products or services. Our mission is to simplify online marketing for a small business and to drive more customers through your front door.

At LOCALSYNC, you can register your domain name (we can even help you find a great one – just ask!), select the hosting plan you need, scan your company and see location marketing errors, and even launch a new website (or you can build it yourself using our nifty website builder!). We are here to help you every step along the way.

Directory Marketing

Marketing Your Location in Directories

The first step in marketing a small business online is to synchronize your location information (Business Name, Business Address, and Business Telephone Number) with all local directories.

These local directories provide customers directions to your establishment, lists of services or products, images of your business and products, and even your opening hours. Having correct location information sounds obvious (if the address is wrong in the directory the customer will go to the wrong location), but a recent study showed that up to 40% of business LOCATION information online is wrong.

Synchronizing and locking down that information is critical to your business’ success.

At LOCALSYNC, we cover more than 60 separate local business information directories that are synchronized with the correct information about your business, special events you are organizing, or special product offers. In addition to general local directories, LOCALSYNC builds and manages targeted professional directories for Lawyers, Doctors, Accountants, and Dental professionals, helping generate more leads.

How is your business doing?

Is all of the information online about your business and its location correct?

Use our free scan tool to see how your customers see your business location information online and what information needs to be corrected.

Just enter your first name, business name, email address and hit “Scan”. LOCALSYNC will scan the information about your business’ location across all of the publishers that we cover and point out missing or incorrect information.

It’s Free!

Give the scan a try – you can even link directly to the different business profiles and correct the information yourself!

Local Marketing

Local Marketing

Local marketing for a small business online is a completely different approach than national or international campaigns. Even the way content is created reflects a local approach and keyword analysis.

The goal is not to make a sale online, but to get people coming back through your physical location's doors over and over again. Local business is repeat business, and we work with you to create an online local presence that connects with potential visitors and turns them into customers.

Website Development

Locally-Focused Small Business Websites

Although we have developed complex custom websites and online applications, our focus for marketing a small business online is to use WordPress exclusively.

WordPress is inexpensive and built from the ground up for content creation. We develop locally-focused websites that are an extension of your physical location, and will work on mobile phones, tablets and computers.

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