5 Reasons Why You Need Search Engine Optimization

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Last updated Feb 21, 2023
5 Reasons You Need Search Engine Optimization

Do you want to get your website and content in front of more viewers? This is where effective Search Engine Optimization techniques can be incorporated into every aspect of an online presence to drive more traffic to your site. Get your visitors to take action.

As Aaron Wall of SEObook.com said:

“The success of a page should be measured by one criterion:

Does the visitor do what you want them to do?

What is the importance of Search Engine Optimization, and why do you need to stay the course?

1. Search Engine Optimization is an Investment in Your Business.

Done right, Search Engine Optimization can provide you with a considerable return.

Using specific keywords can move your business and content from page 3 of the SERPs to the first page’s top. Organic searches require your prospects to type in specific phrases using potential keywords to answer their questions.

Whether people are looking for a lawyer in New Mexico, how to green clean their home, or grow their online following, most people do not look past the first page regarding search results.

Most clicks go to the first three spots of that all-important first page. Using Search Engine Optimization can keep your site active, keep you at the top of the page for important organically searched phrases and get you the new leads you need to grow your business.


2. Search Engine Optimization Is Essential to Your Marketing Mix Foundation.

Search Engine Optimization is one component that complements branding efforts, social media engagement, and outbound marketing strategies. It is one element of your house of cards without which your efforts are doomed to produce lackluster results.

Business owners, marketers, and sales reps (whether in-house or not) need to be aligned in terms of strategy and what customers ask to get the best ROI for Search Engine Optimization.

Whether you are a “solopreneur” or have a few small teams, you must listen to and address what your customers need. You and your team need to come together to create quality content that matters and sprinkle in a dash of Search Engine Optimization and observe back-end analytics to optimize your content and delivery on all selected platforms.

Search Engine Optimization can be incorporated into awesome blogs that educate and inspire your prospects.

Find out the problems customers are having with the standard widget or service and create a platform to share ideas on improving their performance.

Be the go-to guy or girl with all the know-how, grow your following, and gain new converts.


3. Search Engine Optimization Helps You Foster Trust.

When you deliver content that is easy to find and addresses your prospects’ questions, readers will come to you time and time again for the advice. Position yourself as an authority, providing necessary advice and supporting your messages with incontestable proof.

Prospects and customers will respect what you say on issues that matter to them. From the outset, giving people what they need and being consistent with messaging and branding will create the foundation for long-term relationships.


4. Search Engine Optimization Helps Nurture Prospects.

And nudge them toward purchase. Remember that not everyone is at the same stage of the buying cycle.

Some businesses are lucky enough to have significant brand awareness that helps people understand their business type and what they offer—the type of customers they typically do business with.

From Ford to BMW to Walmart, you know the quality of each brand’s products, service, and appeal. However, if you are a business just starting or have little brand awareness, you need content at all stages that are easy to find.

B2C businesses benefit from a shorter period from a prospect’s initial contact to a first purchase.

This is a huge plus for small businesses as it is essential to generate revenue regularly and not put all of your eggs into one basket in the hopes of closing a deal with an ideal prospect that may never pay off.

Businesses of any size that deal directly with customers still need to go through the 4 Stages of the Buying Cycle:






With most prospects doing their homework these days, refining their shortlist takes them a shorter time. At this point, they will reach out, and you will need to have the pieces of content available online and on preferred platforms to answer insightful questions and close the deal.

What does all of this mean?

You need a significant amount of content that answers questions at every stage of the buying cycle.

Copy, infographics, and video should all be incorporated to take your prospects through each stage. Search Engine Optimization makes it easy to find your content in a sea of competition.


5. Search Engine Optimization Helps Google Get to Know You

Even though Google has come a long way, it requires messaging and data to be presented in a certain way for optimal results.

Effective Search Engine Optimization incorporated in all important aspects of your website and content can help Google and any search engine better showcase your offerings.

Search Engine Optimization is not a last-minute thought to be slapped on at the end. Instead, it is part of the basic recipe you need and must be used throughout such elements as your website structure, URL syntax, and modern mobile-friendly website design.

CMS coding and quality content are only two elements of more than 200 ranking factors used by Google algorithms to rank websites and content.


Want to Learn More?

Get a handle on all of the elements that go into Search Engine Optimization and how Search Engine Optimization can boost your business’s visibility.

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