Advanced SEO Tactics That Produce Results

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Last updated Feb 21, 2023
Advanced SEO Tactics that Produce Results - LOCALSYNC

SEO isn’t a new concept. Once ranking a website became a known qualifier in establishing its popularity for page placement, a whole industry of SEO specialists promoting advanced SEO tactics was formed.

However, as the internet has changed, evolved, and introduced new ranking factors and tactics, you often hear people saying that SEO is dead. But nothing could be further from the truth because if Google and the other search engines are still using it, then it’s still relevant, very relevant.

SEO, especially advanced SEO tactics, is often underused; however, they can significantly impact your ROI over time. But because it does take time, many people view it as ineffective.

However, suppose you are correctly implementing as many advanced SEO tactics as possible and then allowing them enough time to take hold. In that case, the results are astonishing and undoubtedly worth the effort.

Here are some advanced SEO tactics guaranteed to produce results.

Advanced SEO Tactics – Tip 1

Fill Out All Business Listing Profiles

Improving overall SEO with local SEO tactics is probably one of the easiest but most overlooked strategies.

What are business listing sites?

Business listing sites direct local customers to local businesses. Some examples are Yelp, ezLocal, and Foursquare. There are probably over 70 local business directories in your area.

Why is it important to fill out these business profiles as completely as possible?

    • It helps your business SEO by providing a backlink to your website and continually reinforcing the correct information across all directory listing sites (if you use a synchronize and lock service like LOCALSYNC Pro). By putting a single backlink to your business website in the over 70+ directories, you ADD 70+ high-quality backlinks to your business.
    • Complete profiles with business descriptions targeting your search keywords help those profiles rank higher in search results and send valuable “link juice” back to your website and business. The higher-quality websites that link back to you (and the higher-rated pages within those sites that link back to you) help your search ranking.
    • Some of these sites offer the ability to add video, image galleries, and other enhanced media forms. Use the space. These opportunities should be taken advantage of when marketing your business in business and location directories.

    In addition to SEO, completely filled-out online profiles convert customers – the goal of all marketing. A video made one time can run as a commercial 24/7 on these business listing websites, converting visitors into customers. Imagine if you were given a 30-second commercial spot during the Superbowl. Would you run blank space?

    Take advantage of all marketing channels by putting videos, images, menus, QR menus, interactive directions, and more to attract customers.

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      Advanced SEO Tactics – Tip 2

      Fix Code and Crawl Errors

      Any unnecessary code will cause the search engines to take longer to crawl your site. It also signals to them that you have a poorly maintained site.

      Your website needs to be as lightweight and fast as possible, minimizing your on-page JavaScript, CSS, and other heavy coding. You should also check your website for URL crawl errors such as 404’s, DNS, and server errors. You might think these errors aren’t significant; however, they can harm your site, and your rankings will suffer.

      A more straightforward approach than custom coding a website is to use WordPress. WordPress is free, the code is constantly updated and there are a lot of free support resources across the web.

      Advanced SEO Tactics – Tip 3

      Join Question and Answer Sites

      Most internet searches are questions, so it makes sense to participate on “question-and-answer” sites.

      People need information and answers to their questions, and they go to “question and answer” sites to get them. Additionally, any given answer to a question you post on a “question and answer” website can rank independently when a person types it in a search query. They don’t have to go to that site to get the information they’re looking for.

      Participating in these discussions allows you to share your expertise and drive traffic to your website.

      Many question-and-answer websites are available online, each with its strengths and weaknesses. Here are some of the most popular ones:


      Quora is one of the most popular question-and-answer websites, with many users asking and answering various topics. Quora provides a user-friendly interface, personalized feed, and excellent search functionality, making it easy to find relevant questions and answers.

      Stack Exchange

      Stack Exchange is a network of 170 question-and-answer communities focused on specific topics, including programming, mathematics, and gaming. The platform provides a reputation-based system to incentivize high-quality answers, making it a reliable source of information.


      Reddit is a popular social news, and discussion platform with many subreddits focused on specific topics, such as technology, politics, and gaming. Reddit’s upvote/downvote system enables users to upvote helpful answers, making it easy to find the most informative responses. is a community-driven question-and-answer website that covers various topics, including education, entertainment, and technology. Users can submit questions, and other users provide answers, which are then curated and reviewed by moderators to ensure accuracy and quality.

      These are just a few popular question-and-answer websites you can participate in as part of an advanced SEO tactics strategy to enhance your online presence.

      Another great way to boost your SEO is to include questions and answers on your website. Having questions and answers will increase your content and website’s chances of being highlighted in Google’s answer boxes. However, one caveat is to ensure you are providing well-written answers to the questions you answer; otherwise, this tactic will hurt your brand.

      Combining the two (off-site questions and answers participation with on-site connected questions and answers) is a unique way to leverage these advanced SEO tactics. Answering a question on one of these sites and directing readers to your website, where you go into much more detail, is an effective way to capitalize on your off-site promotional work.

      Advanced SEO Tactics – Tip 4

      Use Interactive Media Content

      The user experience is like tennis.

      If your business website does not engage a site visitor, they will move on to something more interesting. Imagine if you had a brick-and-mortar store and no one spoke to a customer visiting. It would not be good for business.

      No one likes to play tennis by themselves.

      Adding interactive media to your website adds life and interactivity. One of the easiest ways to do this is via adding live chat to your website. Potential customers love instant feedback if they have questions. It also increases trust if the storeowner is available on the site.

      Companies like GetResponse help small businesses by automating marketing and adding a professional layer of interactivity.

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      Another way to add interactivity to your website is to incorporate the power of “social proof” marketing.

      Social proof marketing uses the effect of FOMO (fear of missing out) and the “herding” tendencies of groups. It adds pop-ups to your web pages as people read, showing the “social proof” of people purchasing from you or taking a specific action (like subscribing to your blog.

      Here is an example from one of LOCALSYNC’s professional directories (Injury Lawyer Index), highlighting signup to the directory.


      Example of Social Proof Marketing from FOMOSYNC

      In the above example, we are showing a social proof pop-up from FOMOSYNC, a LOCALSYNC marketing web application.

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      Advanced SEO Tactics – Tip 5

      Add Video Marketing

      Videos rank very well, many times even better than a website will.

      People love videos, which is why YouTube is so popular. Additionally, Google owns YouTube, which could also be why videos are often favored over websites.

      There are plenty of statistics showing people prefer videos over text, such as the statistic that says social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined, and that’s just one statistic.

      Adding emotional content marketing with video as part of your SEO strategy only makes sense, especially if you want to engage your audience via their preferred communication method.

      Advanced SEO Tactics – Final Thoughts

      SEO is certainly not dead and is constantly evolving.

      Advanced SEO tactics that work need to change with the evolution of the digital marketing landscape. Don’t forget the importance of local SEO in your website ranking and overall marketing strategy.

      If you want to use advanced SEO tactics to help your business grow online, sign up for LOCALSYNC Pro and start managing your business online – the right way.

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