Does the Combination of Local SEO and Retargeting Ads Work?

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Last updated Sep 29, 2020
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Online marketing has transformed businesses and organizations in every industry. It has spurred globalization’s evolution, making it possible to serve your audience (both local and non-local) with the ultimate customer experience. One technique commonly used to attract a local audience is local search engine optimization or local SEO. Another is retargeting advertising, which is used for both local and non-local audience-based marketing. When used strategically, the combination of local SEO and retargeting ads can bring about excellent results.

Two primary factors largely influence a brand’s ability to achieve and sustain a competitive edge within an industry:

  • Relevance: You need to offer a product or service relevant to your audience.
  • Prominence: You need to establish a distinction within the minds of the local audience.

To achieve and sustain a competitive edge within local industry, you’ll need to focus on an additional factor:

  • Distance: You need to be within close proximity to the audience’s location.

Keep reading to learn how retargeting ads cut through communication barriers, enhancing local SEO results, and attracting new customers.


What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO campaigns aim to establish and grow your brand’s presence within the local communities that you serve and those you want to serve. 

When people in these areas need a product or service that you offer, your brand should pop into their minds. Your brand should also appear on the first page of search engine page results when someone from the local audience performs an online search for a product or service you sell. The overall goal of local SEO is to help people find and interact with your brand in real life.

The content created for local SEO purposes is typically different than content created for non-local SEO purposes. Content for local SEO features geo-specific information, while content for non-local SEO purposes won’t have geo-specificity.


What is Retargeting Advertising?

Retargeting advertising focuses on showing ads to people who visited your site but didn’t make a purchase. These ads display to your website visitors even when they visit other websites. More so, these ads show extremely relevant visuals or text based on a visitor’s previous searches and website visits. Retargeting advertising makes it much more likely for the audience to click on the retargeted ad. Once clicked, the ad takes the person to your site to do more searching around your website or make a purchase.


Tips for Combining Local SEO and Retargeting Ads

Attracting new customers with retargeting requires putting a retargeting pixel in the footer of your site. The retargeting pixel adds a cookie to your website visitors. When the retargeting provider you use encounters one of your website visitors on a different website, it shows your ad (this requires having a high enough bid for the ad impression).

Ultimately, retargeting reminds previous website visitors of your brand and attracts potential customers to your site who are already searching for a product or service that you offer.

Below you will find four of the best ways to combine local SEO and retargeting advertising to attract more customers and boost conversions.


1. Listing the brand’s contact information is a necessity for effective SEO.

Always show your brand’s phone number and postal location on content with a local audience to ensure search engines rank your content for relevant local search results.


2. Leveraging various online tools will significantly improve local SEO efforts. 

It’s also smart to study how different tools can be used to generate customers from local SEO.

Take, for instance, Google My Business, a free-to-use online platform operated by the biggest search engine in the world that can help promote your brand to both local and non-local audiences.

Other tools you might want to check out for local SEO improvements include Localsync, LSIGraph, Moz local, and SEOPressor, to name a few.


3. Increasing local SEO efforts improves retargeting campaigns.

You can reach your local audience by sharing content that resonates with their needs and wants. You’ll need to feature this content on sites and platforms where the audience is likely to find it, like social media.

You’ll also want to keep your website regularly updated with fresh content so search engines will show your site when a relevant search is done. This content engages and attracts customers to your site, which is necessary to carry out retargeting campaigns because retargeted ads are shown to your previous website visitors.

The more website visitors you have, the more success you can find with retargeting efforts.


4. Using search retargeting attracts those who haven’t visited your site.

Search retargeting allows you to perform retargeting campaigns that aren’t based on previous website visitors.

Instead, search marketing involves letting search engines show branded ads to people who have previously searched for one of your target keywords. It also displays the ads to people who once searched for your brand name. With search retargeting, you can attract potential customers who are close to making a purchase decision even if they’ve never interacted with your brand before. All retargeting ads can be customized to deliver a message that positively resonates with the audience. The ad is only shown when specific criteria are met, such as searching for your brand name. 

Final Thoughts

Online marketing is not mysterious. Implementing tried and true techniques such as combining local SEO and retargeting ads can help your business sell more online. Localsync offers complete training for digital business, from building a website through marketing your company online in an easy subscription format, with no contract.

Not interested in doing it yourself and need help with your local SEO and retargeting advertising campaigns? Contact us now and learn how these two online marketing techniques are helping brands just like yours flourish.

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