The LOCALSYNC Team is excited to announce the launch of our new AI-powered domain name search tool.


Searching for a domain name for your business?


Sample Domain Name Search using the LOCALSYNC AI-Powered Domain Search Tool


Simply type the domain name you want into the LOCALSYNC AI-powered domain name search tool, and search results will appear as you type. The search tool will usually show search results in less than 5 seconds.

Our domain name search tool will also show you different variations of the domain name in the search results, and you can purchase the domain at a great price by clicking the “buy” button. You will need to create a LOCALSYNC domain registration account and you control your own domain name in your account.


The Right Domain Name is Critical for Online Success.

The right domain name is crucial for your business' online success. Your business domain name is your digital “real estate,” your online version of your physical storefront, and the first thing your customers see. A high-quality, dot com domain name conveys trust to your customers and greatly impacts your customer's first impression of your business.

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What Do I Need to Remember When Choosing a Domain Name for My Business?

Here are 6 best practices when choosing a domain name for your business:

Short is better.

Short domain names are more valuable and are easy to type into a mobile device.


Easy to remember.

A domain name that is easy to pronounce is easy to remember.


Don't use numbers or hyphens.

Is the domain 2 or two? Avoid confusion and keep it simple.


Choose a .COM domain name.

Everyone searching defaults to .com at the end of the domain name. Stick with what your customers know and are most likely to type into their devices.


Choose a relevant domain name.

If you are a CPA or an accountant, your domain name should have that in its name (or your firm's name). “” is great for a funnel site for marketing, but your main domain name should reflect what your business does.


Choose a domain name that can grow with your business.

Choose a domain name that can grow with your business. If you are a CPA starting out in Miami Beach, “” is great, but what if you want to service all of Miami?


What if the Domain I want is Taken?


LOCALSYNC Whois search tool


The LOCALSYNC domain search tool also has domain ownership lookup capability (also called a “whois” lookup).

If the domain name is taken, a “whois” button in red will appear instead of the “buy” button. Simply click on the “whois” button to find out more about who owns that domain name.

You can also search by going directly to


Leverage AI-Powered Domain Name Search with LOCALSYNC to Find the Perfect Domain Name.

Find the right name for your business with the LOCALSYNC AI-Powered domain name search tool.

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