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Understand your online presence
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With a standard brick-and-mortar business, you can easily walk outside to see what clients see as they walk in the front door. You can see that the business has a welcoming entry with friendly staff, a presentable conference room, and spotless restrooms. You have put your time and energy into ensuring your customers get the right first impression.

Ever wonder how your business looks to digital visitors?

Wonder if your customers can find you online?

Let the team at LOCALSYNC scan your business so you can see how you measure up to the competition. Your location scan will uncover the following:

  • Presence - Does your business have a significant online presence?
  • Accuracy - Are your business listings accurate so customers can find you?

Additionally, your location scan will also provide insight into the following:

  • Social - Do clients like your business?
  • Website - Does your website convert?
  • eCommerce - Can customers buy from you online?
  • Advertising - Do Customers know about you?
  • SEO - Can customers find you in a search?

Once you have these details, you can better understand where your business is lacking to make necessary changes and where you are doing great!

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