The Right Website Design to Improve Your Conversion Rate

Written by LOCALSYNC
Last updated Jan 22, 2021
The right website design to improve your conversion rate - LOCALSYNC

If an SEO campaign is successful, it will drive traffic to your website, but if your website does not have a reasonable conversion rate, you will lose out on potential business. Using website design to improve your conversion rate will help get you more business once users land on your site.


Why Improve Conversion Rate?

An improved conversion rate can give you more customers and better profits for your online business. With an enhanced conversion rate, you can leverage your current website traffic and see ROI without increasing your need to drive more traffic. With a higher conversion rate, you will have lower customer acquisition costs, which means you will have more money for other marketing campaigns you can undertake.


Using Website Design to Improve Your Conversion Rate

There are plenty of website principles that can help improve conversion rates. Not every guideline will make sense for every situation, but keep these in mind when working on your site changes and incorporate them when you can.

Rule of Thirds

The Rule of Thirds is a great way to divide headers and the above-the-fold content on your website, so the critical part is visually appealing to the user. When a call to action is placed within the four middle intersections, there is a more powerful impact.

Negative Space

Even though it sounds like it has a bad name, negative space is good for websites. It’s the space between all the elements on your page, including the space between lines of text and letters. Ensure there is enough space on your website, so a user can easily focus on specific elements where you want users to click. Break up large blocks of text to make your content more readable, and there should be enough white space between headers, sidebars, and footers.


The right color can evoke emotion, so choosing a color scheme should match the emotion you want to convey for your business. Once you have selected a color scheme that fits your brand’s right feeling, contrast is essential for the elements you want to highlight. For example, if your color scheme is mostly blue, you might have your call to action button in a yellow shade to contrast and highlight it. Use the contrast sparingly for only the elements that need to draw the eye.


Keeping things simple allows users to find what they need and improve their experience. The brain likes similar things grouped to be able to make sense of them all. Use this on your website by grouping items you want to be associated with each other. For example, place a testimonial by an opt-in form, so they are associated together.

Add Visual Elements

By adding visual elements, users will stay on your website longer. The longer someone stays on your website, the more likely they will fill out a form or perform the action you want them to. Visual elements may be able to explain your product better than just a bunch of words. Many people don’t want to read a lot of text anymore, especially on a mobile device, so a video or images that give the same information can provide a better user experience. Use high-quality photos to give a better user experience. Don’t choose boring stock images that don’t convey anything, and instead use compelling images.


Website Design to Improve Your Conversion Rate – What Else Can You Do?


Page Speed

In today’s world, people are incredibly impatient—every second counts for page speed. If the load time is too slow, people will abandon the site, and you won’t even get a chance to test out some of your conversion elements. Use Google’s PageSpeed Insights to help monitor progress and get suggestions on what should be addressed on the website to improve performance. Page speed enhances user experience and plays a role in how search engines rank the website. Since visual elements can be an essential part of website design, check them not to slow down the pages.

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Create a Website for Users Instead of Search Engines

Website design shouldn’t just be for the search engine. It should be for the customers. The content and way your website is designed needs to make sense for the user. An improved user experience will help lengthen the time spent on site, increase repeat visits and reduce bounce rate. Keywords should sound natural, and it may make more sense to focus on long-tail keywords that sound better when a customer reads the information.

There is an upfront investment in working on your website design to improve your conversion rate. If you don’t make any SEO efforts, improving your conversion rate by just half a percent can give you more business and pay off in the end.


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