Understanding the B2B Content Marketing World

Written by LOCALSYNC
April 19, 2018
Understanding the B2B Content Marketing World

B2B Content Marketing (Business to Business Content Marketing) is a much different landscape than content for consumers, so you will have to plan your strategy accordingly.


Why Does a Business Need Content?

Not only is B2B content marketing necessary for digital marketing and SEO purposes, but it can also provide a lot of insight for your company when it comes to educating your consumers. Content marketing can help the relationship with sales teams and marketers in the B2B world. With high-value content, salespeople don’t have to push brochures. Instead, they’ll have an arsenal of content at their disposal to give customers what they are looking for to make the sale. It’s essential to think of content as all the messaging between the customer and the business, not just some social media and blog posts.


What You Should Know about B2B Content Marketing

The content you will create needs to be optimized for technology. Even business owners are spending more time on mobile than on desktop, so while eBooks and PDFS to download may be the preferred method of content, keep in mind that they may be hard to read on a mobile device. Start thinking about different ways to measure your content, besides just page views and social shares.


Multiple Channels

More people are using more than one channel before making a purchase, especially when it comes to large purchases and services, so attribution to content and figuring out ROI for each piece of content will become something to focus more on. How you appear on different channels, especially local channels, directly affects business performance.



Standing Out

Standing out from the competition will be more critical than ever as more content is being created. While some people make content based on buyer persona, vertical, and account customer, a good strategy involves creating content that fits all those demands. You want to create content that solves your customers’ problems at the right time and in the right place and format. Creating content for each stage of your sales funnel is also crucial, but it’s all-important to maintain a humanistic approach. Customers are smart, and they can see through any manipulation. There must be a human feel to the content, and it needs to be delivered across different channels.


Personalize the Content

Since standing out from the competition determines success or failure, creating personalized content is even more critical. It’s not a surprise that emails that have a personalized subject line get opened more. People are more likely to give their business to someone who can recognize their name, giving you more ROI.


Embrace New Technology

There has been an increase in using artificial intelligence for content marketing. While humans are still going to be at the forefront of content marketing, artificial intelligence may generate product descriptions and or other types of smaller content.



Creating Your Strategy for B2B Content Marketing


It’s necessary to have a content marketing strategy. Even though the strategy might change depending on how the content you create is performing, initial research into your audience and your competitor’s content will be the basis for your strategy.


Understanding Your Audience

You probably already know your target audience's demographics, so now it’s time to dive deeper into understanding what it is that they want. There are several ways you can see which content is performing better and what questions people looking for your products or services have. Social media, industry associations, and other tools, like the LOCALSYNC Local Business Online Toolkit, can help give you this information to help you start to form your strategy.


Competitive Research

See what types of content your competitors are creating and aim to do it better. If you have an arsenal of videos that explain your services or visual graphics that show a how-to guide, you know you need to step up the content marketing game. You can even research your competitors’ case studies to see how they engage their customers.


Types of Content

Creating content that works on mobile should be one of the highest priorities for your strategy. There has been a shift to videos because, in addition to working well on mobile, they can quickly help your customers with a problem without them having to sit and read through a bunch of content. In general, people are busy, which is why content is going more toward short, concise content that is easy to read and provides value. Interactive content also tends to do well for businesses. Through a series of content, podcasts, or webinars, brand storytelling allows consumers to feel like they are getting something out of the material.


Think about Automation

An automation strategy can make personalized content much easier to deliver. Automation tools like the LOCALSYNC Local Business Online Toolkit will allow you to utilize the content you create even more effectively by setting users up in funnels and then delivering them the content they need at the exact time they need it.



Final thoughts – B2B Content Marketing Strategies

Content marketing is critically important to online business success. Although B2B content marketing is different from B2C marketing, the underlying concepts remain the same (including local B2B marketing). Focus on content:

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