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WordPress Website Development – Affordable Websites for Small Businesses

We use WordPress to develop affordable websites for small businesses.


WordPress is free, easy to use, well-supported, and already powers 33.6% of the websites on the internet. It can be installed on a web server in under 5 minutes. Additional functionality can be added easily to the base WordPress installation through the use of “plugins”, and there are over 48,000 free plugins available.


Leverage the Power of WordPress for Your Business

Coding a website from scratch is not necessary for 99.99% of small businesses. What the majority of small businesses need from a website is an attractive customer-facing website that informs the customer about the business. This information can be about the services, client testimonials, staff information, business hours, pictures, product manuals – virtually any information your customer may need.

WordPress can accomplish all of this and more.

Need to add eCommerce and sell products online?

There is a WordPress plugin (WooCommerce) for that. WooCommerce already powers 39% of all online stores.

Need a knowledge-base for customer information?

There are multiple plugin choices and some that are even free!

Are you a real estate agent and want to integrate IDX listings into your website?

There are several plugins that do this and much more.

Need online appointment booking for your business?

Yep. There is a plugin for that as well.

The best part?

All of that coding has been already done. You don’t have to pay for it, upgrade it and/or support that custom coding.

Creating affordable websites for small businesses means avoiding custom software coding whenever possible.

You Don’t Need A Developer

This sounds strange since we offer website development as one of our services.

Our clients already understand their business and have ideas about what their customers want. We also want them to understand and use their company websites. We even offer free video training courses on using WordPress, as well as more information on how to set up your website yourself.

Of course, we're here to help, but our focus in WordPress website development is the marketing portion of your business and designing a customer interaction that works.

WordPress is a CMS (content management system) that was designed to be simple. The idea behind WordPress is to bridge the gap between technical and creative, allowing users to get their thoughts and ideas out to the world. It was designed so that people with even limited technical knowledge can update the content of the site easily.

You don’t need to call the website developer, and that saves you money.

Spend on Marketing Not Software Development

The point is to get customers through the door of your physical location. If you are not a software development company, you can use readily available, inexpensive tools (like WordPress) to save your budget to spend on making the website locally-focused and filled with information that your customers (and potential customers) want.

The “getting the website up” portion should not be expensive. The time, effort, and expense should be put toward what is going to be on those website pages.

If you are a restaurant:

Do you have great pictures of your food?

Do you have a compelling history about you and your restaurant?

Do you post recipes?

Do you give online cooking tips?

Is your menu online?

Do you have an event schedule posted?

Can people make reservations online?

All of the above is marketing.

Marketing is your business reaching out beyond the walls of your restaurant, and servicing the customer before they even arrive.

Your Company Online – Hassle-Free

At LOCALSYNC, we make getting your company online and keeping it there easy. We develop and maintain your company’s website using the latest technologies with constant updates.

Running a professional website online is not a “launch and forget” process. There are constant security updates, functionality updates, and technology updates happening every day.

For just $2,999 to build and $99 per month to maintain, you can put your business online and keep it safe, hassle-free.

Turnkey small business websites from LOCALSYNC

Wordpress Website Development - Affordable Websites for Small Businesses

Creating affordable websites for small businesses and local businesses using WordPress is our focus. We understand websites for small business and work with you to develop an online platform to promote your business.

Questions? Contact us today to get started.

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